Los Angeles, CA USA

I’m a music composer, live-loop ambient artist, a multi-instrumentalist who works with creatives across several mediums weaving a tapestry of sound and music into the fabric of each unique creation I participate in.

Based in Los Angeles, CA I compose music for film, theater, and advertising. I often perform live with CI Los Angeles and other CI groups throughout SoCal including Long Beach CI Jam, Eastside Jam (Pasadena), and UCLA.

While mostly I work collaboratively with other teachers and facilitators, I have experience facilitating jams and I am available to lead a group interested in exploring contact improv.

Genres: Ambient, Blues, Classical, Electronic, Jazz Sacred, World

I’m currently open to opportunities anywhere in the World to perform and provide music for contact improv dance groups. I’m also developing a dance music film inspired by contact improv and the music that I’ve been sharing along the journey. Thank you for reading. If you or anyone you know has an interest in anything I’m working on please feel free to get in touch.


CONTACT: Jeff Ali, 310-439-9087, , http://jeffali.com
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