Enschede, Overijssel , Netherlands

Loby works as an improvisation practitioner, exploring life through creative expressions and impulses. At the age of 7 he played the piano through improvisation. This innerrhythm found its new way through movement in the fields of breakdance and theatre which was also based on freestyle improvisations.

Loby joined several theatregroups. Through these influences and experiences, he co-started a new group and works as an artistic director and performer at the Theatregroup Vreemdwild and collaborated with the students of the art academy AKI ( Academie voor Kunst en Industrie) nowadays the ArtEZ Academie voor Art & Design Enschede.

Loby travelled and joined classes/ jamsessions/ festivals to discover more about Contact Improvisation in Hongkong ( Kongtact Square身隨意舞) , Budapest (SIN & Kontakt Budapest) , Berlin (k77), Krakow, Groningen (Random Collision) and Amsterdam.

His curiosity about the human movement made him practicing Aikido.
He set up Kahbam to combine all the different perspectives of movements and offer this space at Kahbam to share experiences.

CONTACT: Loby Lam, http://www.kahbam.com
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