Karkur , Israel

Shahar Dor is an artist, teacher, performer, the founder and director of Artness. He has been researching, performing and teaching contact improvisation and improvisation as a performing art using movement, theater, music, photography and video for the last 15 years. He performs, cooperates with artists, and does projects all over the world, within independent and academic settings.
Shahar is one of the mainstays of this kind of art, in Israel and Europe. His work creates a place of safety, study and creation for many people, with a variety of abilities and desires.

Shahar is known for his original approach to the body, movement and performance, and the inspiration he derives from other art forms. His practice uses a variety of techniques from movement and presence, work with the voice, music, photography, video, the visual arts, martial arts, yoga and meditation. The rich language of images that he uses in teaching combine worlds and approaches using humor, sensitivity, independent discovery and the expression of movement and its performance.

In 2005 he founded Artness. In 2009 the school was founded in Kibbutz Ein Shemer and in 2010 the school moved to its present home, which included a modern studio, a theatre-gallery and the houses of culture and performance were founded.

Artness is a unique language of work and creation that is based on movement, improvisation and multi-disciplinary work which combines the arts of movement, visual theater and dance, visual and digital arts and music alongside elements of research and practice in movement as a way for self-development and empowerment, both personal and within society. Today, Artness is a house of modern culture and a unique and leading school in the field of inter-disciplinary art as a language of the creation of art, and as a tool of cultural development. The unique creative language which developed over a period of years is characterized by interdisciplinary thought and action, supported by proficiency in a wide range of performance tools: movement, space, stage design, costumes, sound, and direction, and an emphasis on the in-depth investigation by the independent performer of his tools.

CONTACT: Shahar Dor, +972 (0)459322125, , http://www.artness.org
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