Brasília, Brazil

He is director of the International Festival of Novadança since 1996. In recent years, participated in workshops and performances with the Portuguese Rui Horta, the Americans with Carla Perlo, Cathie Caraker, Nancy Stark Smith, Daniel Lepkoff, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Karen Nelson, Katie Duck, Ray Chung, Lee and Ryuji Howard Sonenklar; with Venezuelan David Zambrano, with the Japanese Oka, Ryuji Lee and Hisako Horikawa, with Dutch Angelika Oei; with German Dieter Heitkamp and Spanish Jordi Cortes Molina. As choreographer, he created the shows, “Retratos” was nominated for the prize of APAC 1993, “Mulheres” in 1996 – Portugal, “Zero” award winner Aluízio Batata 1997 “Retratos” shown for the awards Candango Ok and Culture Award 1998, “Sun in an empty room,” 1999, “Mezzanino” in 2000 and “Vertigem,” “O Tratado das Meias Verdades” in 2006. His works have been seen in Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Spain and Germany. In 1998, he participation of the VI Encuentro de Venezuela.

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