Philadelphia, PA 19148 USA

I am an experimental dance artist, inspired by my studies of new dance, dance-theater, contact improvisation, and butoh. I'm also a bodyworker and use healing practices, such as body-mind centering, yoga and feldenkrais, as a source of creativity, inspiration and physical training. I research extended dance techniques, which are unique movements, individual to my particular body. I also develop teaching methods to help other dancers find their own extended techniques. Dance is a social art form and I'm a promiscuous collaborator. I'm mostly known for my collaborations with avant-garde musicians, particularly my duo with Andy Hayleck (When We're Older), but I also work with other dance, theater and visual artists. I have choreographed over 15 original dance works, and am also an avid improviser. I'm currently practicing free improvisation: dances without any predetermined plan. My work is always site-specific in that I seek to activate and enliven all spaces that I dance in, whether they are theaters, studios, homes, places of business or the outdoors. I also seek to connect audience members to their own embodied, corporeal experience with the immediacy and spontaneity of improvisation.

CONTACT: Nicole Bindler, 857-928-2288, ,
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