Peter Dunn
3327 Jaffa Dr, Sarasota, FL 34239 USA

I organize a contact jam in Sarasota south of Tampa and north of Ft. Myers from the start of January through late May, and sometimes October through December. Visit, though it's hard to keep the times up to date since they change, so don't go by the site – be sure to email or call to check. Please sign up for the email list on the site as that is where we email current schedule info. I also give individual lessons for $20 at my house, or $30-$40 if I drive to meet you. I'm trying to start a barefoot boogie here as well. I run two nonprofits: and Please visit them if you're into high quality news or helping the poor.

CONTACT: Peter Dunn, 617-459-7709 (cell) or peter ^-at-^
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