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Philadelphia, PA 19148 USA

I am an experimental dance artist, inspired by my studies of new dance, dance-theater, contact improvisation, and butoh. I'm also a bodyworker and use healing practices, such as body-mind centering, yoga and feldenkrais, as a source of creativity, inspiration and physical training. I research extended dance techniques, which are unique movements, individual to my particular body. I also develop teaching methods to help other dancers find their own extended techniques. Dance is a social art form and I'm a promiscuous collaborator. I'm mostly known for my collaborations with avant-garde musicians, particularly my duo with Andy Hayleck (When We're Older), but I also work with other dance, theater and visual artists. I have choreographed over 15 original dance works, and am also an avid improviser. I'm currently practicing free improvisation: dances without any predetermined plan. My work is always site-specific in that I seek to activate and enliven all spaces that I dance in, whether they are theaters, studios, homes, places of business or the outdoors. I also seek to connect audience members to their own embodied, corporeal experience with the immediacy and spontaneity of improvisation.

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Philadelphia, PA USA

Angie Hauser is a dancer and teacher. Her work is grounded in improvisation and performance reflecting the influences of contact improvisation, postmodern choreography, ballet and Butoh. Since 2000, Angie has been a member of the Bebe Miller Company, where she contributes to the creation of award winning dance works that are performed throughout the United States. In 2006 Angie was awarded a BESSIE (N.Y. Dance and Performance Award) for Creation and Choreography for her work with Bebe Miller. As an improviser she has collaborated with many gifted artists including Chris Aiken, Kirstie Simpson, K.J. Holmes, Darrell Jones, Andrew Harwood and Kathleen Hermesdorf. She has also danced with the companies of Elizabeth Streb, Liz Lerman and Poppo Shiriashi. She has taught contact improvisation, improvisation and dance throughout North America as well as Switzerland, Germany, France and Scotland. Angie received her MFA in dance from the Ohio State University and holds a BA in Art History from University of South Carolina.

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Erica Kaufman
State College, PA 16801 USA

investigating ci since the mid 80s, i am still engaged and interested. what a fascinating journey it has been thus far. i teach ci at juniata college, where ci36 took place, and also enjoy traveling to teach, perform and dance at festivals. of course i have favorite partners, but isnt it wonderful when you have a great dance with someone you just met and will never see again? what a marvelous universal language. while in the moment of a dance, i feel like i am on the inside of physics—attuned, alert, and calm all at once, and yet there is something distinctly alive about the intimacy of even small, private shifts.

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