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Rua Maria, 43, 2º Dto, Lisboa, Lisboa 1170-152, Portugal

Born in Portugal, father of a 2 year old boy. Since 2000 Pramod has worked as a facilitator of personal development events. He is a Bioenergetics Therapist formed by Namaste Center (, in Brasil. Pramod also integrates Humaniversity psychology (, where he lived for four years, the Shamanic inspiration from his experience with the Amazonian Indians and the work of Osho ( For 43 years he is a Practitioner and instructor of Martial Arts, Contact-Improvisation since 1992, and Theatre and has an MBA and a background in Naval engineering. Speaks fluent English, French and Spanish and also communicates in Italian and Japanese.

In 2000 Pramod creates the He also participated in the founding of the, and (in Lisbon) and for 20 years led the Portuguese Taido Association. In 2010 he co-founds the BIOTRIBE,, a collective of bioenergetics therapists.

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Lisbon, Lisbon , Portugal

Rita Vilhena is a professional dancer since 2003. Her main drive is the idea of transformation and participation but still she is mostly moved by intuition.
Rita created the foundation in 2005 Baila Louca improvisation and performance in Rotterdam where she lived (2002-2015). BL was created to challenge herself and give visibility to inspiring artists; working in collaboration at times with Meg Stuart, Jeremy Wade, Matej Kejzar, Bruno Listopad, Keren Levi, Ugo Dehaes, Ligia Soares and Vania Rovisco to name a few.
Rita is making work since late 90’s; has a coach and dance teacher is part of the Contact Improvisation Amsterdam and Lisbon community; Modern Theater Dance School (Amsterdam), Academy of Dance Arnhem – ARTEZ, Dansateliers in Rotterdam, Dance for professionals in Station Zuid Tilburg and several international festivals.

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Lisbon, Lisbon , Portugal

Born in Portugal, father of a 3-year-old boy. Pramod works with Bioenergetics and Active Meditations. Teaches Martial Arts (Taido and Kung-fu), and Contact Improvisation since 1992. Co-founder of BIOTribe, the and, research centers of Dance-Theatre-Performance. He practice instinctive Archery and acts as a guide and sweat lodge builder. In all his work he is inspired by Osho’s vision of a new man, Zorba the Buddha, someone who joins the ability to play of the West with the spirituality of the East.

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