Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

Leviathan Studio is dedicated to the study of Contact Improvisation. Operating only in the summer months, Leviathan Studio offers retreats of various lengths. As it is difficult to get to Lasqueti Island, British Columbia, participants tend to be strong and committed. They know the value of sustained practice. Participants often stay for longer than a month. There is a high returning rate with many participants returning annually. You are well supported with the highest quality food on perhaps the best dance floor in the world.

Leviathan Studio is committed to the serious study of Contact Improvisation. Sometimes described as ‘old-school’ we jam in the traditional sense. We do not do ecstatic dance. Recorded music is used rarely and at the discretion of the instructor. We do not allow games that involve spanking, tickling or biting. Energy work is not permitted in the studio. Come to play our game, not your game.

Leviathan Studio is intoxicant free.

Leviathan Studio is completely off-grid. We generate all of our own electricity using solar, wind and micro-hydro.

Leviathan Studio has no external financial supports. There are no grants supporting Leviathan Studio. There are no profits. Please be conscious of these facts when asking for a discount.

CONTACT: , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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