Santa Fe, NM USA

MOSI (pronounced moh-zee) is a mindful somatics practice group based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

MOSI is the acronym for Mindfulness Oriented Somatic Inquiry. We blend somatics, embodiment and mindfulness meditation into a special and unique synthesis. MOSI practices mindfulness meditation in six modes: Stillness, Movement, Listening, Voice, Touch and Vision.

We hold sessions, classes, workshops and retreats in Santa Fe and environs. All of our offerings are within a gift economy. No fees are charged for our offerings, which are supported exclusively by voluntary donations.

MOSI has incorporated contact improv as one of its root inspirations.

The “umbrella” or “parent” organization of MOSI is Mindful Somatics Institute (MSI), based in Santa Fe. MSI currently has two contact improv teachers: Mark Koenig and Sophie Rog.

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