Ci in Irkutsk
Academicheskaya str. 56/5, room 1. busstop the " South ". Centre of Applied Psychology " STEPS", Irkutsk, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation . On Fridays from 19:00 to 20:30 , 1.5 hours.

The cost of training – 350 rubles or 1200 – season ticket for 4 classes .
Companies from three people – 10% discount.

Contact Improvisation (CI) – is the direction of the dance, based on a combination of relaxation and dance techniques , meditation, and the principles of aikido.

KI – this communion , the dance of two or more people. No tangles and memorized phrases – there is a lively dialogue of people , bodies and emotions. In this dialogue, gradually recede and disappear fear open himself , fear of dancing and genuine fear of easy communication.

Most of us first learn pryamostoyaniyu , then walking upright , and then decides that it is sufficient and this infantile level of freedom from gravity.

KI can understand and master a wide range of possibilities of the body , to feel more free. In all senses . And at all levels.

Do you like to dance?
Want toned energetic body?
Dreaming move plastically ?
And yet , at the same time wants to avoid :

monotonous repetition ,
learning ,
self-restraint to do something ?
Contact improvisation – a dance consisting of free movement , support, operations , balance sheets , shoals and touch.

Through the movement and development of certain skills in the classroom we teach the body ( and personality in general) :

do without fear,
move smoothly ( and even fly )
easy to find the strength and self-confidence,
to feel and to guard its borders ,
Interface smoothly and freely communicate
blossom and grow.
Each session includes a warm-up exercises and practice sessions , respectively, subject and Gemma – while free tea and tea parallel , and completion in the form of a massage or something equally pleasant and resursiruyuschego .

Irkutsk, Academic , 56/5 , of. I base.
Stopping the " South " .

Centre of Applied Psychology " STEPS " (Irkutsk ) .

CONTACT: +7 3952 42-40-36,
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