Ci in Omsk
Maluntseva str, 6., Omsk, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation . Sunday, 11:00-14:00 , 3:00.

250 rubles – a one-time activity ,
800 rubles – a subscription for 4 classes
1600 rubles – pass for 8 sessions .

Students discounts:
200 rubles – a one-time activity ,
600 rubles – a subscription for 4 classes
1,200 rubles – a subscription for 8 sessions .

Contact improvisation – one of the modern dance. In fact – it’s a deep and versatile practice aimed at self-awareness , a partner of the world itself in contact with a partner and with the world.

Most often, the contact is danced in duet , where the partners are in a constant interaction. Contact improvisation – it is primarily the interaction . It occurs only where there is a meeting at the interaction point , the contact point . The original concept of this interaction – is the exchange of weight. Classes aimed not only at studying art movement, but , first of all , to develop in a person the skills necessary for the implementation of communication: listening and speaking , feel, and act , to be on the move and be the go .

Created under laboratory space – the space of the new experience of its members. Improvisation – the way the offset traditional boundaries of perception of the world. We will consider improvisation as a source of creativity and how to open the imagination. A key objective of this lab – Extension of awareness of the body , the development of powers of observation of the functioning of the body in motion and the study of its capabilities and movement patterns . We will experiment with the weight , inertia, spin , dip, relaxation , stress and other spatio -temporal dynamics of the manifestations of the body. To do this, we will use the techniques of contact improvisation , composition , authentic movement , and others.

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