Ci in Tomsk
Mira str. 15, Center space, " M15 " ., Tomsk, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation . Saturday from 17:00 to 19:00, 2:00 .

One-time visit (class and party – Jam) – 300 rubles. ,

I ’m going to cry ! " – Said Miss Snork . – " I am so afraid of the end of the world. "

 - Do not worry, he will come only on Friday – tried to comfort her Moomin . – We have time enough to dance to it.

I suggest we start to dance , regardless of age , having a partner and experience. To dance their dance , solo, with a partner, in a group, in space.

We study communication in the body, the physical movement of the body in space and are looking for an opportunity to use it in our dancing .

We appeal to the spontaneity and awareness.
Learn to give and take the weight .
Be soft and alertness .
Find the limits of our movement and the resources that have.
We ’re flying !
There will be plenty of time for research and for the dance!

CONTACT: +7 913 845-45-15,
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