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Ci in Irkutsk
Academicheskaya str. 56/5, room 1. busstop the " South ". Centre of Applied Psychology " STEPS", Irkutsk, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation . On Fridays from 19:00 to 20:30 , 1.5 hours.

The cost of training – 350 rubles or 1200 – season ticket for 4 classes .
Companies from three people – 10% discount.

Contact Improvisation (CI) – is the direction of the dance, based on a combination of relaxation and dance techniques , meditation, and the principles of aikido.

KI – this communion , the dance of two or more people. No tangles and memorized phrases – there is a lively dialogue of people , bodies and emotions. In this dialogue, gradually recede and disappear fear open himself , fear of dancing and genuine fear of easy communication.

Most of us first learn pryamostoyaniyu , then walking upright , and then decides that it is sufficient and this infantile level of freedom from gravity.

KI can understand and master a wide range of possibilities of the body , to feel more free. In all senses . And at all levels.

Do you like to dance?
Want toned energetic body?
Dreaming move plastically ?
And yet , at the same time wants to avoid :

monotonous repetition ,
learning ,
self-restraint to do something ?
Contact improvisation – a dance consisting of free movement , support, operations , balance sheets , shoals and touch.

Through the movement and development of certain skills in the classroom we teach the body ( and personality in general) :

do without fear,
move smoothly ( and even fly )
easy to find the strength and self-confidence,
to feel and to guard its borders ,
Interface smoothly and freely communicate
blossom and grow.
Each session includes a warm-up exercises and practice sessions , respectively, subject and Gemma – while free tea and tea parallel , and completion in the form of a massage or something equally pleasant and resursiruyuschego .

Irkutsk, Academic , 56/5 , of. I base.
Stopping the " South " .

Centre of Applied Psychology " STEPS " (Irkutsk ) .

CONTACT: +7 3952 42-40-36,
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Ci in Kaliningrad
Shady Lane, 35. DK "Tsepruss", Kaliningrad, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation. Friday from 19:00 to 21:00, 2:00.

One-time visit (class and party-Jam) – 200 rubles.

On afford to have loose, comfortable clothes that you can sit, lie down, roll on the floor. Soft type of volleyball kneepads.
We are engaged in bare feet.
Bring Water – drink during training necessary! (one liter will suffice).

CONTACT: +7 911 457-96-73,
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Kazan, Russian Federation

We have long dreamed of a wonderful place where you can live and develop Contact Improvisation . This place appeared – House with garden in a picturesque location on the banks of the Volga River, next to the field near the woods . A dream comes true. In addition to dance training there , we plan to deal with:
Authentic movement ,
Conduct breathing and voice training,
Walks – Meditation – Performances – Travelling on the river.
Conversations . Mental processes and evening gatherings around the campfire.
A healthy vegetarian diet , to exercise swimming, healthy sleep.
So we all participate and contribute to its development and the development of Dance on EARTH!
Now! We rebuilt the top floor of the studio. And we will continue the reconstruction of the winter, the roof is insulated with a fairy godmother !
OM !

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Prospekt Mira . Krasnoyarsk club contact improvisation " Tangles, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation . Sunday, 11:00-14:00 , 3:00 .

One-time employment 300 p .

Comfortable clothing made ​​from natural fabrics, covering the knees and elbows.

Dear friends !

Krasnoyarsk club contact improvisation " tangles " invites you on a regular practices in contact improvisation .

Contact Improvisation (CI) – first of all communication between the two partners to each other in the language of the body , leading to joint experiences and discoveries.

KI is also a great practice of physical development, and at the same time , a kind of dance of " creativity and the joy of " giving , along with physical exercise , mental relaxation and a sea of ​​positive emotions.

This dance has been learned movements, it is pure improvisation with a partner. Spontaneous play and a fascinating study of motion.

Depending on the perception of human clinical trials can be an exciting acrobatics, meditation, a form of communication , the dance of the soul …

Krasnoyarsk , Mira .

CONTACT: +7 905 973-12-03, ,
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metro Krasnopresnenskaya, Barrikadnaya Street 1905 Joiner Lane., 3, Bldg. 34 (entrance to Carpenter Lane with Little Georgia) from Krasnopresnenskaya and Barrikadnaya, 7-10 minutes. on foot, metro Tulskaya, Open World, Pavlovskaya str. 18, Hall 2, Moskow, Russian Federation

Jams and classes every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Ci in Nizhny Novgorod
Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation . on request for 1.5 hours.
Start the program – in October 2013.
Set in the daytime and evening groups .
Time is adjusted individually .

On the other:
 - Sportswear ;
 - Ballet shoes or socks .
Classes are held in small groups of 2 or 4 people .

Nizhny Novgorod.
Nizhny Novgorod region .

Lesson in a mini- group:
 - 400 rubley/90 minutes.
Individual session :
 - Rubley/45 700 minutes ;
 - 850 rubles / 60 minutes.

Subscribe to the 4 group lessons – 1800 rubles.

… Our whole life is made of relationships – with oneself, others, events.

What are the relations we seek ? I think in one word – a harmonious.

That is, for an orderly , harmonious , built .

Contact improvizaiya (CI) – the study of himself under the microscope of his own body (without the knowledge of the features of his world view , its borders and its " sound " – is hardly possible to build a harmonious relationship ) .

CT – an acquaintance through traffic with their stereotypes of behavior (perhaps – is not always appropriate and effective ) , their unconscious fears and concerns , their expectations and " stuck " in the body of unexpressed emotions.

CI is a way to transform legacy of psychological " programs " in the appropriate your current life situation.

CI – an opportunity to become harmonious and , as a consequence, bring harmony in relationships.

Plus: regular classes contact improvisation can satisfy the natural human need for bodily contact with others!

A set is open. Additional groups are formed . Call and sign up for your occupation Him !

CONTACT: +7 920 021-01-51,
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Yadrintsevskaya str. 18, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation

Contact improvisation classes on Thursday and Friday from 19:00 to 21:00, 2:00.

1 class – 300 rubles.

CONTACT: +7 913 924-53-59, ,
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Ci in Omsk
Maluntseva str, 6., Omsk, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation . Sunday, 11:00-14:00 , 3:00.

250 rubles – a one-time activity ,
800 rubles – a subscription for 4 classes
1600 rubles – pass for 8 sessions .

Students discounts:
200 rubles – a one-time activity ,
600 rubles – a subscription for 4 classes
1,200 rubles – a subscription for 8 sessions .

Contact improvisation – one of the modern dance. In fact – it’s a deep and versatile practice aimed at self-awareness , a partner of the world itself in contact with a partner and with the world.

Most often, the contact is danced in duet , where the partners are in a constant interaction. Contact improvisation – it is primarily the interaction . It occurs only where there is a meeting at the interaction point , the contact point . The original concept of this interaction – is the exchange of weight. Classes aimed not only at studying art movement, but , first of all , to develop in a person the skills necessary for the implementation of communication: listening and speaking , feel, and act , to be on the move and be the go .

Created under laboratory space – the space of the new experience of its members. Improvisation – the way the offset traditional boundaries of perception of the world. We will consider improvisation as a source of creativity and how to open the imagination. A key objective of this lab – Extension of awareness of the body , the development of powers of observation of the functioning of the body in motion and the study of its capabilities and movement patterns . We will experiment with the weight , inertia, spin , dip, relaxation , stress and other spatio -temporal dynamics of the manifestations of the body. To do this, we will use the techniques of contact improvisation , composition , authentic movement , and others.

CONTACT: +7 3812 67-13-27,
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Ci in Rostov-on-Don
Temernitskiy str. 45, room 109, Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation. Saturday, from 18:00 to 20:00, 2:00.

One-time visit (class and party-Jam) – 200 rubles., Subscription – 150 rubles. Just Jam – 100 rubles. During November, the first lesson – for free!

CONTACT: +7 903 438-777-9
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Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

CI Tuesdays – Contact Improvisation classes on Tuesdays in the studio theater dance Iguanas.
TIME: 19:30 to 22:30
Phone: +7 905 215 61 52 – Light

Address: Nab. Moika nab.104, unmarked door, two steps up
Class + Jam on Wednesdays in the studio Cypress, with 18-45 to 22-00
with 18-45 – self-heating, 19-00 – beginning of the class
Ignat leads Artemyev

Place: Professor Kachalova Street. 8 The (Pass through the checkpoint factory Sport (required to have a passport with you!))
phone: +7-965-084-07-65

CONTACT: +7 905 215 61 52, +7-965-084-07-65,
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Saint Petersburg , Saint Petersbourg 190000, Russian Federation
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Ci in Tomsk
Mira str. 15, Center space, " M15 " ., Tomsk, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation . Saturday from 17:00 to 19:00, 2:00 .

One-time visit (class and party – Jam) – 300 rubles. ,

I ’m going to cry ! " – Said Miss Snork . – " I am so afraid of the end of the world. "

 - Do not worry, he will come only on Friday – tried to comfort her Moomin . – We have time enough to dance to it.

I suggest we start to dance , regardless of age , having a partner and experience. To dance their dance , solo, with a partner, in a group, in space.

We study communication in the body, the physical movement of the body in space and are looking for an opportunity to use it in our dancing .

We appeal to the spontaneity and awareness.
Learn to give and take the weight .
Be soft and alertness .
Find the limits of our movement and the resources that have.
We ’re flying !
There will be plenty of time for research and for the dance!

CONTACT: +7 913 845-45-15,
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Ci in Tyumen
Refrigerated str. 124. Dance studio "Geometry"., Tyumen, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Evening, 3:00

The first lesson is free!
One-time employment 250 p.
Lift ticket learn from their coach.
Discounts are possible for students.

Come in handy for moving clothes, it is better if it is to wear long pants and sleeves.

Dance your life on your way!

CONTACT: +7 905 858-71-92,
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Karl Marx str. 37, Block 2, 6th Floor, Room 12, Ufa, Russian Federation

Sweet Jams each friday :)

CONTACT: 8 905-356-30-55, ,
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Ci in Voronezh
Friedrich Engels str, 64 . TC " Atmosphere " , 8th floor . Center for oriental SHAKTI., Voronezh, Russian Federation

Class of contact improvisation . Saturday, from 13:30, 1.5-2 hours .

The cost of classes from 250 to 350 rubles, depending on the subscription.

Set the new unit on contact improvisation at the Center for oriental Shakti!

Contact improvisation – a form of free dance , where improvisation is built around the point of contact with a partner.

Contact improvisation – the joy of movement, communication, meetings and partings , play and spontaneity !

Contact improvisation classes have a positive effect on the human body :

Develops flexibility.
The muscles are tightened .
Strengthens the cardio – vascular system .
Developing physical strength and endurance – increased mood.
Have the confidence in myself.
In this dance, there are no restrictions on age , gender, level of physical fitness. No matter what you are doing regular practice – dancing, yoga, martial arts or not doing. Even a single contact improvisation class will give a special experience to your body and mind , will present new discoveries and joy to interact with the body , with a partner , and space !

Come in comfortable clothes , without hindrance , without solid components ( buttons, buckles , etc.) , it is desirable that covers the knees and elbows. To bring a partner is not necessary.

Voronezh , Friedrich Engels str, 64 .
TC " Atmosphere " , 8th floor .
Center for oriental SHAKTI.

CONTACT: +7 473 257-57-48, +7 950 755-41-86,
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