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The Italian CI Website

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Via Alberotanza 16, Bari, Italy 70125, Italy

Casina Settarte is a farm- retrait center located in the suggestive country of Itria Valley between olive trees and stone houses typical from the region. Germana and Franco have the aim of creating an inspiring space for collaboration of dancers and performers coming from different country of the world. We hosted workshops with the most amazing teachers of Contact Improvisation (between the others, Nancy Stark Smith, Kirstie Simson, K. J. Holmes….)

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Via Cavour 1, Merano, South Tyrol 39012, Italy

Contact Group in South Tyrol, in the North of Italy.
Weekly courses, monthly jam’s, September Jam Festival

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Milano, Lombardia , Italy

Organizer’s of CI and somatic movement events in Milano

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Via Dante n 22, Pontedera, Pisa, Toscany 56025, Italy

spazio NU is an association of indipendent artists interested in Contact Improvisation, and other lunguages, like butoh, clown and others.
we organise Jams and workshop.
spazio NU is also a dance-physicall theatre company.

CONTACT: 039 329 0908119, ,
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Rome, Lazio , Italy

We organize jams, classes and workshops in Rome and in the countryside near Rome.

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Company Blu , Via Cadorna 18, Sesto Fiorentino, Tuscany 50019, Italy

Il Centro Danza Company Blu è uno spazio per la conoscenza e lo sviluppo delle attività espressive e si pone come punto di incontro e di scambio delle nuove tendenze nella danza.
Il centro promuove un lavoro didattico a livello nazionale ed internazionale ed ospita insegnanti e coreografi di significative scuole e compagnie europee e degli Stati Uniti. Tende quindi, nella specifica programmazione delle attività didattiche, a sviluppare un equilibrio fra lo studio e la ricerca tecnica ed artistica. È uno spazio per l’apprendimento e la conoscenza di strumenti capaci di stimolare ed aiutare le persone ad elaborare una propria metodologia di studio, una propria esplorazione linguistica, filtro dell’espressione artistica.
Il “Centro Danza Company Blu” è stato nominato dalla Regione Toscana come Agenzia Formativa nel 1997

Company Blu is a meeting point for the exchange of new tendencies in dance and interdisciplinary performance.
The center promotes didactic work at a national and international level and hosts teachers and choreographers from significant European and North American schools and companies. The center tends to program classes and workshops which find a balance between technical and artistic research. It aims to stimulate dancers to acknowledge instruments and to elaborate their own methods of study and linguistic exploration, to become a filter of artistic expression.
Center Company Blu Danza was nominated as a Higher Educative Agency by the Regione Toscana in 1997.

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lecce, Italy

We are a free organisation coordinated from the teacher Francis Calsolaro to make research on the potential expressing emotions trough mime, paint, dance, contact improvisation and mimecare (

CONTACT: (+39)335376906,
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