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The Montreal contact improvisation dance community has set up a formal (and let’s admit it: legally incorporated) structure to preserve that fragile, precious moment when anything seemed possible. This structure is the Association de contact improvisation.

In its formal dimension, the Association is composed of members who come together annually in a general meeting to elect a board of directors, ratify any changes to the general guidelines, and approve the financial statements.

In its intuitive dimension, the Association expresses a hope of solidarity and harmony arising from the regular practice of contact improvisation.

The mission of the Association of Contact Improvisation (ACI) consists of: assembling individuals to support an artistic community project, adequately representing its membership before concerned parties, promoting contact improvisation dance through education, research and performance, developing the practice of contact improvisation and broadening its accessibility to the public.

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Study alternatives in physical training, creation and performance at Mascall Dance’s annual Way Out West summer intensive. Contact improvisation workshop for 2011 is w/ Yves Candau and more…way more!

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Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

Leviathan Studio is dedicated to the study of Contact Improvisation. Operating only in the summer months, Leviathan Studio offers retreats of various lengths. As it is difficult to get to Lasqueti Island, British Columbia, participants tend to be strong and committed. They know the value of sustained practice. Participants often stay for longer than a month. There is a high returning rate with many participants returning annually. You are well supported with the highest quality food on perhaps the best dance floor in the world.

Leviathan Studio is committed to the serious study of Contact Improvisation. Sometimes described as ‘old-school’ we jam in the traditional sense. We do not do ecstatic dance. Recorded music is used rarely and at the discretion of the instructor. We do not allow games that involve spanking, tickling or biting. Energy work is not permitted in the studio. Come to play our game, not your game.

Leviathan Studio is intoxicant free.

Leviathan Studio is completely off-grid. We generate all of our own electricity using solar, wind and micro-hydro.

Leviathan Studio has no external financial supports. There are no grants supporting Leviathan Studio. There are no profits. Please be conscious of these facts when asking for a discount.

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Arts Court Studio "B", 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario , Canada

Consensus collective organizing the Ottawa/Gatineau region weekly contact improvisation dance jams. Come join the fun!

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Toronto, Ontario , Canada

Kathleen Rea, former dancer with the National Ballet Company of Canada, Ballet Jorgen Canada and Tirolerlandes Theatre (Austria), founded REAson d'être dance productions in 2000. Directed by Kathleen Rea, its mandate is to create and produce dance events that use dance, vocalization, text and physical theatre to express the human condition. The company highlights the creative work of Kathleen Rea and other artists. REAson d'être dance productions also strives to teach and inspire the public about dance through education projects, and provides experience for young dancers. Another unique feature is that Rea values senior dance artists as much as young dancers. She is inspired by the generational story telling and themes possible with a dance company that spans many ages.

REAson d'être dance productions has produced four main stage works choreographed by Kathleen Rea: Fleeting, Marrow, Ire and Long Live. Another memorable event was the co-production of Lapinthrope, a dance film choreographed by Rea. Lapinthrope was screened at 14 international film festivals and won best long-short film at the Festival Der Nationen (Austrian film festival). REAson d'être dance productions also produced Close Knit for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2007, which was performed outdoors throughout the night and involved a 30 foot long piece of knitting. REAson d'être dance productions has co-production credits with Decadence Films, the Chimera Project, Kaeja d’Dance,the Parkdale BIA and princess productions.

Most recelty REAson d'etre dance productions' Long Live was nominated for three Dora Mavor Moore awards, Outstanding Choreography for Kathleen Rea, Outstanding Dance Performance for Karen Kaeja and Outstanding Sound Design/Composition for Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman

REAson d'etre dance values:

- Expression through movement

- Excellence in the field of dance

- Diversity

- Arts Education

- Accessibility of the arts

- Support of other artists in an inclusive approach to creation and business practices

REAson d'etre dance activities:

-Production of dance performances

-Production of affordable dance based workshops and classes

-Mentoring of other artists

- Education outreach

- Programs that ensure that dance is accessible

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5976 Cambie Street, Vancouver , BC V5Z 3A9, Canada

A company dedicated to dance improvisation in contact.
Where collaboration between dancers and musicians is the antidote as we flow through the realms of improvisation in intimite adoration of the revealing moment.

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windsor, ontario n9c1h3, Canada
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