Parmova 25, building "Stena", Ljubljana, Slovenia 1000, Slovenia

Contact Improvisation classes in Ljubljana every Thursday from September 2017, if you happen to be in Ljubljana on a Thursday eve come and dance with us:)

This classes are focused on the fundamentals technical skills we use in Contact Improvisation, and are aimed to both beginners and expert dancers.
We will begin every session by opening our senses through body and breath work to increase our awareness of weight and the transfer of weight.
We will then go on to explore basic aspects and principles such as: rolling point of contact, physical listening and following, falling, spiral rolls, no hand dance, open up the back space, lift principles.
Using this vocabulary we will dive into a fluid dialog made by mutual listening, suspensions, surrenders and supports.

Please arrive on time, even 10 min before, to use the whole two hours for the class and have more time to dance in the last part.


Davide Casiraghi is a dancer, Contact Improvisation teacher and Yoga Alliance certified teacher based in Slovenia. He is exploring Contact Improvisation since 2010. His study is started in Milan and continue in Europe with the many teachers. Roberto Lun, Nita Little, Martin Keogh, Angela Dony, Nancy Stark Smith are his main influences. He see CI as a way to re-awake and enjoy fully our sensitivity and playfulness, working on trust, explore curiosity about movement principles out of daily movement patterns.


20.00 – 22.00 every Thursday

CONTACT: Davide Casiraghi, +393336738420, ,
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