Studio 12, 2525 8th st., Berkeley, CA 94710 USA

Dark Dance is contact dance with blindfolds. A totally illuminating, delicate, wild experience of personal and collective movement. What can we learn from the darkness? Do we move and sense differently in the dark? Do we connect in different ways? How far does it go?

This is a sensual, non-sexual dance exploration. You should be comfortable touching and being touched, and working with your own attraction and repulsion, as well as be able to move carefully, attentively, and respectfully in a space with others.

Sometimes there will be music, sometimes silence. You are free to sing or sound as you feel, but please speak only if necessary.

This is a sober event. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Bring your own blindfold if you prefer. Mindfolds, where you can keep your eyes open without any light getting in, will be available for $20 or to rent for $2.


Every Saturday 7-10

CONTACT: Atlantis Beckham, 404-630-4207, , http://facebook; Dark Dance
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