Open Contact Impro Class and Jam
Fährstrasse 90, 21107, Hamburg - Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg , Germany

The weekly class is open for any level of experience. The content of the class depends on the constellation of the participants and rises out of the flow.
After technical input in the class we enter a phase of jamming. You can also just join the Jam, without the class. We will have live musicians with us, soon.

We have a beautiful wooden floor, in a big space. You are welcome to join us.
Sometimes the door to come in is closed by accident. So I recommend to have my phone number with you, to let you in. + 4 9 1525 175 15 77
There´s no dancing during Hamburg school holidays

You decide, how much you like to give

19 h open class
20.30 h open Jam

CONTACT: Katja Engbrecht
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