Y.W.C.A. via C. Balbo, 4, Roma, Italy

We going to celebrate carnival dancing in the heart of Rome with lessons, jams and a parade danced in the street.


At the Y.W.C.A. Via Cesare Balbo, 4 (Metro A and B: Terms, Republic, Cavour – the train station and bus terminal: Termini)

To enroll you must pay a deposit of 25 euros and you will receive the account number following your email request.
The email must contain your name, phone number and if you request.

We remain at your disposal for any questions.

See you soon!
Vera De Propris, Glenda Giacco and Barbara Lucarini

2 days: 70 euros
Saturday only: 45 euros (lunch & dinner included)
Sunday only: 35 euros (lunch included)
Half day : 18 euro (meal not included)

The Y.W.C.A. is a youth hostel so you can take advantage of a bed for 28 euros per night
or you can stay in private homes at a cost of 10 euros per night, subject to availability.
Guests will require a minimum of capacity to adapt and respect the space and the home of everyday life, and ensure a ’friendly welcome and sharing.

SATURDAY 18 February
h. 10:00 Opening Circle
h. 10:30 to 12:00 Lesson with Linda Bufali
h. Jam 12:00 to 13:30
h.13: 30 Lunch 15:00
h. 15:00 warm up to jam led by Barbara Lucarini
h. 20:00 dinner

SUNDAY 19 February
h. 10:30 “EXTRA-Vagante” masked parade danced in the streets of Monti with a warm up to jam led by Vera De Propris. Bring makeup, wigs and sequins! *
h. 13:00 to 14:30 Lunch
h. 14: 30 warm up to jam led by Eugenio De Vito
h. 18:30 Closing circle

  • In case of bad weather there will be a contact lesson inside instead.

There will be live music and silent jams.

Fruit, snacks and hot drinks will be available throughout the event.

CONTACT: Glenda Giacco, +39.3381324206, , http://www.romacontact.com
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