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Contact improvisation is a dance technique in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through movement improvisation. Weekly meetings of practitioners that take place world-wide are called “jams,” dancers come together to spontaneously explore forms and ideas, with some group agreement about structure and duration of the exploration. The dance vocabulary is not closed, so all who practice the form contribute to the constant expansion and greater understanding of the dance form’s vocabulary, which is exchanged and taught among practitioners world-wide. While Contact dancers usually stay touching or in physical contact for much of a dance, it can occur that partners never touch yet there is a clear “listening” and energetic connection/intention that creates the “contact” of their shared dance.

Drop In Sliding Scale Fee $5-$15 dollars. Second Tuesday of each month Free! Members pay $40 to take 4 classes and Jam compliments of Divine Play!

Tuesdays, 7:15 – 9:00 pm. Begins January 31, 2012.

CONTACT: Jeanne Catherine, 434-531-9493, , http://www.divineplaycharlottesville.com
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