Quinta da Luz @ R. Ana de Castro Osório 6A, In the back of the building. When you reach a square with 2 snackbars in front of each other with a stairway in the middle, climb the stairs, turn left and it's in the end corner, a Acupuncture Schooll with dark iron bars. Next to Colombo shopping mall, s, Lisboa, Lisbon , Portugal

Contacto Improvisação Lisboa Jam (CILxJam), Lisbon’s Contact Improvisation Jam, is a meeting place, a space for mutual learning and sharing amongst performers and interested participants with or without experience in this form and in osmosis with other forms of performative, musical, theatrical, audio-visual, and technological improvisation; a space to strengthen the local, Portuguese, and international performance communities; an experimental site for the emergence of collaborative creative synergies.


5 Euro contribution

Saturdays: 11.00 – 13.00

CONTACT: Pramod Bento, +351 914613323, , http://contactoimprovisacaolxjam.blogspot.com
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