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Masterclass CD/ CI for professional Dancers with Ivan Wolfe

Starting point of Ivan Wolfe’s work is a special raising of awareness of the body and its mouvement. The warm up thus starts by means of the Feldenkreistechnic that heightens sensibility and increases abilties in order to pick up complex choreographies. The class continues with improvisation, working with the means of contact impro, floor work and body-weight. Wolfe’s class is meant to support a dance that brings a feeling of comfort with ones mouvement while at the same time enlarging the body’s abilities and inspiring new mouvement.

Ivan Wolfe is an enthusiastic mouver who during the past 25 years has been interested in various styles of dance and mouvement. He was a long time memnber of David Parsons and Elisa Monte in New York, as well as of the Company Drift in Switzerland. His education ranges from studying sports and psychology, to experiences in Ballet, Jazz-dance, Modern, Yoga, massage, Pilates, African Dance, Contact Impro, Butoh and the Feldenkreistechnic. It proofs him a choreographer and teacher constantly on the search eager to find new ways of mouvement and body-work and makes him a teacher with rich knowledge, internationally demanded in the fields of Contemporary Dance, Contact Impro and Feldenkreitechnic.

Tarif individuels : 180 euros
Tarif organisme : 330 euros

Houres: 10 – 16 H
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