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Contact Improvisation

Back to Earth – The A, B, C of Contact Improvisation

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of contact improvisation and take them into dancing with a partner in a contact duet.

We begin by arriving into our bodies and establishing a receptive, passive and active relationship to the floor and the earth.

We experience the skinesphere – everything that is contained within the boundaries of the body and how the skinesphere leads to bonding with gravity and the earth. We learn to engage with, mobilise and release our weight and physical mass, allowing sensation, skin, surfaces of the body and internal information to guide our motion.

We practise moving between high tone, low tone, flexion, extension, close to the earth and from there up to standing and travelling. We incorporate the BMC developmental movement patterns – rolling, sliding, creeping, pushing, crawling, finding supports and learning how to sequence, spiral and distribute energy and movement from the spine and centre to the limbs and peripheries.

We move through the space, along the floor, up to standing and back down to earth again, expanding our awareness to include others and the room.

We explore different kinds of touch, contact with a partner and we learn basic CI forms and exercises that allow us to practise this form safely and with confidence. We become articulate with moving our weight, structure and physical mass in contact with a partner, the floor, gravity and the physical forces of momentum, intertia, counterbalance, support, flow, direction and sensation.

We negotiate and navigate physical pathways in contact with each other, on different levels from lying and standing to being airborne. We explore being passive and active, receptive and directional, learning to trust ourselves, our bodies and the physical information we are receiving in a moving duet.

We take our skills into open dancing and jamming to embody them more deeply and to become articulate and fluent dancing with different partners.

The workshop will bring you to a place where your physical perceptions are stretched and strengthened, your vitality and sensitivity are heightened and your appetite, confidence and capacity for moving and dancing alone and with a partner is increased.

For beginners and seasoned dancers of contact improvisation and other dance forms.

$90/60 for one day workshop

10am to 5pm

Saturday or Sunday

Booking information, venue and date of next workshop:
Please email or call Juliet
julietsea@live.com or +64 4 569 1664 landline or
+64 4 21 236 9614 cellphone
Skype: julietsea22

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