Sarasota/Tampa/Bradenton/Venice area contact jams
3327 Jaffa Drive, Sarasota, FL 34239 USA

Assorted jams and classes from early January through late May at Peter Dunn’s Siesta Key house and at Rising Tide International center. Sometimes also from October through December. You can visit to get on our email list or to get more information. It's hard to keep the times up to date on the site, though, since they change, so don't go by times on the site – be sure to email or call the number below to check.

Normally $7 for a jam, $20 for an individual lesson at Peter's, or $30-$40 if Peter drives to meet you.

Email or call for the schedule as the times change.

CONTACT: Peter Dunn, 617-459-7709 (cell) or email peter ^-at-^
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