100 Grand Street, 2nd floor, Soho, New York, NY 10013 USA

The Open Movement Jam consistently draws many contact and non-contact movement improvisers and dance-friendly musicians, meeting Monday evenings at the Bill Young Studio, 100 Grand Street, Soho, NYC. We are open to all sorts of movers — including those who may be trained in or trying out various dance forms, contact improv, theater, martial arts, yoga and other styles — and welcome participants with all sorts of physical capabilities. We continue to mix many out-of-town visitors and other newcomers with semi-regulars and regular participants, meeting in this enormous, beautiful space.

The jam and its predecessors have 40 years of continuous participation:
> Carrier Pigeon events of the 1960s (conceived by Kenneth King, still the most accomplished and supportive improviser around)
> Robert Wilson School of Byrds of the 1970s (from which more than a dozen of the collaborators still participate, including the great Christopher K.)
> Open Movement at PS 122 from the 1970s-90s (founded by Charles Dennis, who regularly contributes his creative energy and ideas) and
> The Jam at Judson Church 1999-2001 (founded by Bill Jacobson, who brought the jam to the center of the Village and participates whenever in town.)
> Open Movement Jam at the Children’s Aid Society 2001-2011.

Thank you to all who bring the wonderful energy that makes this event.

We now suggest an $5 contribution.

8 till 11 PM every Monday night.

CONTACT: James Dowling, 718-768-3492, , http://groups.yahoo.com/group/contactnyc
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