Ongoing Jams/Classes — local classes and jams – "regularly scheduled dancing"
Barepaws Dance Collective
Inner Dance Yoga Studio, 2610 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK 99517 USA

We rotate through a menu of barefoot, improvisational dance practices each month including: open sound/movement improvisation, contact improvisation, inner state focused dance (contemplative dance, kundalini dance, ecstatic dance, authentic movement), and a barefoot boogie. Contact improvisation practice is welcome at all events, all weeks— there’s a guided warm up and mini-lesson on CI weeks.

$10-12 drop in or collective dues for 6 weeks $30-42 (you pay to support everyone’s dancing at a reduced rate, you pay for a 6 week stretch whether you show up to dance or not)

Sunday evenings 7-9pm Sept-May. double check whether we are dancing during the warm, bright months (May-August). Check with the contact person to find where we are in the rotation

CONTACT: Gabrielle Barnett, 907 783 1306,
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