Ongoing Jams/Classes — local classes and jams – "regularly scheduled dancing"
Str. Ion Brezoianu, Nr. 23-25, Palatul Universul, 5th floor , Sector 1 Bucuresti, Bucharest, Romania

We meet every Saturday for a class of CI where we emphasize on different aspects of body awareness, we concentrate on gravity, momentum and wight transfer while working on the floor or with one or more partners. We also do exercises of improvisation where we learn to use the space and the objects in the space, the sounds around and our personal emotional state and history. We use visualization exercise and body work as an inspiration for our dance too. And after about one-one and a half hour we open the space for a little Jam to put in practice the new understandings from the class. In close future we plan to open a bigger Jam on Sundays.

donation based(sliding scale from 20 to 50 lei)


CONTACT: Virginia Negru, +40742773830, ,
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Piata Bucur, complex Pionierul, Bucharest, Bucharest 7000, Romania

We gather on thursday to have the chance to experience dancing contact improvisation, to exercise technical elements and to learn from each other.

Contact : Teodora 0745365394


Every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm local time

CONTACT: Teodora Marian, 00745365394, , http://Strada Bucur, complex Pionierul
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Fabrica de Pensule, Str. Henri Barbusse nr. 59-61, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Contact Improvisation Jam in Cluj, Romania. Small but loving community. everyone is welcomed.

10 LEI

Every Saturday,
starting hour alternating between
15.00 and 20.00
call Kinga (+40-748-144322) for the next one

CONTACT: Kinga Kelemen, +40-748-144322, ,
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