Ongoing Jams/Classes — local classes and jams – "regularly scheduled dancing"
Kalnciema iela 10/12, 2nd floor, Riga, Latvia

at Riga School of Choreography
Kalnciema iela 10/12

~4,5 euro (3Ls)

13:00 – 16:00
first 1,5h is a class in CI basics
(taught by Inese Auzina)

CONTACT: Inese Auzina, +371 29262198, ,
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Rupniecibas str. 32b, 2nd floor, entrance from the yard, Riga, Riga LV-1045, Latvia

Very welcome to our small group that tries to make a nice, warm community from ourselves! :)
We’re having different event on each Sunday each month- there is open jam, focused jam, lab and the authentic movement session.

Freshest and more detailed info:

open jam is 2Ls = approx. 3EUR
focused jam / lab is 4Ls = approx. 6EUR
authentic movement is 7Ls = 10EUR (18:00-21:00)

Sundays, 18:00-20:00 (-21:00 if authentic movement)

CONTACT: Inese Upeniece, +37129137826, ,
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