Ongoing Jams/Classes — local classes and jams – "regularly scheduled dancing"
Guatemala 01001, Guatemala

This is space for the practice of Contact Improvisation where our multidimensional bodies encounter themselves in other and in relation. We gather every Wednesday at Teatro Bellas Artes in Downtown of Guatemala City.
There is a guided warm-up at the begining and a closing circle at the end. It is a place for non verbal communication where everyone is responsible for communicating their own physical, emotional, and mental limits. We welcome every contacter of the world.

Free admision


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Guatemala 01001, Guatemala

Small and large contact improv labbing sessions in the heart of zone 1.
We gather every Friday and Saturday at Studio Danse Roberto Castañeda. (3rd. Avenue 11-28 zone 1).

Donation Scale from %5 to %12

18:00 to 20:00

CONTACT: Jeanette Soria, ,
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