Ongoing Jams/Classes — local classes and jams – "regularly scheduled dancing"
Platia (Square) Koumoundourou 25, Athens, Athens 16232, Greece

Ongoing Athens Jam for the last 12 years.
If someone passes by Athens, make a stop over at studio “Lathos kinisi” (Wrong Movement). We are hungry for new bodies.
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photos from the jams

It is Greece, no money

Every first Sunday each month

CONTACT: Konstantin Mihos, 0030-6944192077, ,
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Avlaki /Kalamourida, Ikaria, Ikaria 82203, Greece

This hour we will dedicate to our moving body and mind. The open dance class is based on the principle that the body and mind are inextricably connected, and that through movement you can access and heal the deepest parts of the psyche. Every Friday will show different starting points of how we can enjoy rhythm and dance in it´s big variety. From modern dance influences (Improvisation, Contact Improvisation) towards more specific guided latin dances, such as Salsa, Merengue and Bachata.

The lesson will start with grounding yourself and sensing your body in the 140 m2 open-air dance space of THE EGG. Stimulating awareness and unique needs inside of you. According to the different moods of each Friday group we will start from a certain point, exploring individuality and team spirit in latin american couple dances. Sometimes the evening will be more experimental, sometimes more specific depending of what we need that day as a group. Just come along, with or without any dance experience! A lot of dance, music and many feelings guaranteed!

Live Music/ians
On some of the evenings we will be supported with organized live music from THE EGG. But we also invite all musicians to just come along on Friday and join the Dance Jam. The more dancers/musicians we are, the more fun the evening will be. Spread the word and tell to your friends. Please bring your own beverages with you! THE EGG is not allowed to sell you any drinks/food.

12 Euro

Every Friday in June, July and September 2015

CONTACT: Katrin Gerner, 004917632659007, ,
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25is Martiou, Paleros 300 12, Paleros, West Greece 300 12, Greece

In the period from May to September at Ellas Retreat, our Yoga and Meditation Centre in Paleros, we hold weekly Contact Dance Jams (normally on Thursday) when a teacher is present.
Contact us to check when next jam is by calling us at +306980227441 or writing to


From May to September (normally on Thursday) when a teacher is present.

CONTACT: Teona Papadopoulou, +306980227441, ,
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20 Agnostou Stratioti (across Agiou Dimitriou street), Thessaloniki, 56533, Greece

An open space for Contact Improvisation Practitioners of any level/ background
Beginners are welcome!!

€3 euros

Every Saturday at 6.30pm

CONTACT: Kostas Gerardos, +30 2310 22 8161, ,
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