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Beijing, Beijing , China

Join Beijing Contact Improv’s Weekly Jams!

Contact Improvisation is a form of expression based on contemporary dance, postmodern techniques, Chinese wushu, and Japanese aikido. It emphasizes bodily connection and improvised dialogue. Points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through improvised movement. Each week, Beijing Contact Improv starts with basic exercises led by a teacher before we have an open jam. Beginners welcome! Bring comfortable clothes and an open mind.
接触即兴(Contact Improvisation) 来源于现代舞,合气道,体积等多种身体艺术。既是一种自由的舞蹈也是一种通过身体接触进行的流动对话。我们每次活动先进行一些基础元素练习,然后一起进入自由舞伴会(jam)。欢迎新旧朋友跟我们一起玩儿!记得带足够饮料,要穿上轻便舒适的衣服(不戴尖利饰品)。

Please note that because of space limitations, we ask that those who wish to participate to register via email at least two days before each event.


Mandinga Beijing, Room 801, LanChouMingZuo Block D/E (above UBC Coffee),
Northwest corner of Chaowai North Street and Jishikou East Road
(5 mins walk from ChaoYangMen Subway Station, Exit A)
北京市朝阳蓝筹名座DE座上岛咖啡楼上801室 , 区朝外北街和吉市口东街路口西北角,朝阳门地铁站A口


every Sunday 每周日 7-8:30pm

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Improvisational dance/Contact Jam 即兴接触舞蹈Jam
Beijing, Beijing , China

Please contact to help arrange a regular jam!


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