18 JUN 2018
1 Jul 2018
BC , Canada

Salt Spring Island in Western Canada invites you to a 2 week of Contact Improvisation on this idyllic island.

1 week Intensive training with Martin Keogh, June 18th- June 24th, followed by 1 week multi faceted festival, June 27th-July 1st.

All Info below and on website: https://www.contactimprovisationsaltspring.com

June 18th- June 24th.
fb link: https://www.facebook.com/events/418908665172646/

“Dancing Deeper Still”

The workshop will cover in depth:

-silkworms sliding slowly out of their yellow cocoon
-leaves detaching from the tree with a slight breeze, suspended, floating
-the tiny pieces of a strange artifact and we do not know how it works
-a stream of cascading crystal clear water
-the denial of the simultaneity of time
-water drops piercing stone
-contemplating from the window of a moving train the landscape that is there but disappears instantly
-honey spilling

We will work together five to six hours a day. Other activities will include jams, potlucks, and spontaneous surprises. We want to get to know you—your treasures, your idiosyncrasies, your distinctive pathways into contact improvisation.
Attending a weeklong training allows the group to establish working relationships, and provides the opportunity for everyone to receive feedback and create significant changes in their dancing
Because of the advanced nature of this workshop, this intensive is for those with a solid grasp of Contact fundamentals.


3rd annual Salt Spring Island Contact Improvisation Festival
June 27th-July 1st
fb link: https://www.facebook.com/events/145060062768260/

We will be coming together for a medley of Classes, Jams, Focused Jams, Group games, Scores, Indoor Dance, Outdoor exploration, Group Meals and Music. Join us for a 5 day immersive gathering where dance, community, art, nature and self discovery all meet in a space of investigation, a time of play.

Our Facilitators:
Neige Christenson (Boston)
Cyrus Khambhata (Seattle)
Martin Keogh (Salt-Spring Island)
Sole Medina (Chile)
Michael Sheely (Boston)
Manuel Rochette (Salt-Spring Island)


Canadian dollars
420$-495$ per event
Discount if you partake in both events:

CONTACT: Manuel Rochette, , https://www.contactimprovisationsaltspring.com/
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