18 SEP 2015
20 Sep 2015
Santa Maria di Leuca, Lecce 73040, Italy

In the wonderful land of Salento

We will have 6 teachers in a contact improv classes and also tribal dance and etnic music.

This land is the border between East and West, facing the blue see toward Greece, the land is red and mother of the famous "TARANTA or PIZZICA dance (look on google) the amazing expression of freedom (we will test it ) useful to use in your classes .

Iiris Raipala (Contact Improv teacher) FINLAND
Vera De Propis (Danzatrice Contemporanea e CI )
Kavita Soni ( Danzatrice Indiana e Voice Meditation) INDIA
Andy Presa ( Didjeridoo musician) Cosmopolitan Tribal Soul
Angelo Litti (Percussionista e voce tribale) (Salento Tribe)
Francis (Emotional trainer) (Italo – Francese)

more info on www.mimecare.it

Only 60 euros


CONTACT: Francis Calsolaro, +39 335376906, , http://www.mimecare.it
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