18 JUL 2015
19 Jul 2015
Softness as a Foundation for Movement
Studio JOJI, brussels, brussels , Belgium

an exploration of the effortless movement that already exists within and around us
‘After suffering an injury from working with too much force and ambition, I felt the need to develop another method of dealing with movement. In this workshop, I would like to share the results of this work with you.’
We will explore where our patterns of using effort start and how we can let go of them in order to find a way to be soft while remaining powerful.
Taking this learning into partner work, we realize that we can afford to do even less, as possibilities for effortless movement appear in the connection points and thus lead our dance into a true improvisation.’
Ady Elzam is a contemporary and CI dancer as well as an Ilan Lev practitioner He co-organises the Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival and teaches workshops internationally

18&19 July, Stodio JOji, Brussels
Cost: €70
Limited places
0476 309 306

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CONTACT: Antoine Dutrieu, 0476 309 306,
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