16 MAR 2015
22 Mar 2015
balneario municipal Bacalar, Quintana Roo , Mexico

Come to Bacalar and Flow with us for a 6-day Festival of Dance, Play, Music, Community, Collaboration and Exploration!
This event is an Evolution of Contact Improv Dance and Body Consciousness festivals.
At the core of our Festival is Creativity, Movement, Heath, Integration and Interconnection.
We developed this Festival with diversity in mind; there is sure to be something of interest to everyone
Come be introduced to or dive deeper into:
Contact Improvisation, moving with both land and lagoon
Yoga and Acro Yoga
Modern Dance
Ecstatic Dance
Vocal, Voice and Singing Explorations
Aquatic Partner-work 
Thai Massage
Discussions on: Nutrition, Meditation and Environmental Issues
or simply
Share Peace and Relaxation in the Beauty of Bacalar and Community

The Festival is open for you any day you wanna join. But it is cheaper to join all Festival and buy all at the beginning. Because we really would like to enjoy the whole Festival with you :)

Entrance a day 50Pesos pp. (to pay the place, Studios, equipment, toilets..)

camping per day is 50Pesos pp.

classes will be payed with Liquid Points

healthy and affordable meals can be bought in advance (bring your plates..)


To make a easy system and to invent a possibility of a discount, if you do a lot of classes, we invented the Liquid Points :)

the value of one Liquid Point is 50Pesos

a class of about 45min hour is 1 LP (Liquid Point), a class of about 90min hours is 2 LP

a intensive of 9 hours is 14 LP

one night program is 1 LP

We will sell bundles of Liquid Point, to motivate to take part on the whole Festival. For instance, buy 42 LP and pay 1800Pesos (instead of 2100 Pesos) → so in that case one pays 43Pesos per LP.

CONTACT: Gianni Lezzi, , http://www.Liquid-flow.org
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