31 AUG 2015
6 Sep 2015
Faragous, Aveyron , France


We invite you to develop and nourish your dance in a full 5 days long Residential Intensive Workshop in the countryside location of FARAGOUS, close to Camarés, France. A beautiful place situated between red earth fields and mountains.

E N T R ( E ) S P A C I O S

This CONTACT + IMPROVISATION workshop proposes a time for the investigation of movement in the intimacy of a studio, as well in the wildness of the environment, outdoors. A proposal to deepen your dance and your CI experience as you are confronted to the visual, sound, perceptual and sensorial impressions and to observe your ability to remain open for the richness of internal and external drives. The integration of both experiences will support you accessing a fully embodied dance, will strengthen your improvisational skills, your solo dance and will open multiple possibilities for your physical communication with others.

The Ws will be taught in English, French and Spanish, depending on the need of the participants.

Some of the questions we bring this year are:
What I observe in the bidirectional movement: inside/out the body? Can we become boundaries less?
How to develop the reading ability of my attention in order to gain awareness of the choices I made and the possibilities they generate?
How to allow the movement to happen, without isolation, as I work with the multiplicity of senses: the inner dialogues that occur between what I watch, hear, perceive, feel, think, imagine and the changes of my relation to them?
What exists before the movement happens? How to offer ourselves the possibility to not know what is next? How to find “comfort” in the territory of the unknown?
What exists before we relate through touch? What stays?

Arrival: from 17h on August 31st.
Departure: after breakfast on September 6th.

Sleeping on a bed and all vegetarian meals and are included in the Workshop fee.

contact + registration: mullecki@web.de or danescha@yahoo.com
mobil: ++ 49 1637174939
info about the place : www.faragous.com
info about us: www.dani-ecki.com

Daniela Schwartz (Arg/Fr) + Eckhard Mueller (Ger/Fr) travel since 2005 in Europe and the Americas (the North and the South) to offer Intensive workshops and to develop projects based on Improvisation.

Daniela is actively involved in the practice, performance and teaching of CI since 1998. Member of Cie dégadezo since 2003. As a visual artist, she is interested in the body/ space as a bidirectional movement in the present moment as Materia for research, expression and creation. Her multiple medias : video, objects, installation are present in her practices. Co-organizer of contactfestival freiburg.

Eckhard co-founder of the Contact Festival Freiburg (www.contactfestival.de), is enthusiastically dancing and performing CI since 1988. In his teaching he is playfully searching for depth in the understanding of the form. As a member of Cie dégadezo, he has participated in diverse dance-theater pieces since 2002.

Ws fee: 390 euros before 31.07.15. after: 440 euros.

CONTACT: daniela schwartz, , http://dani-ecki.com
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