17 JAN 2015
18 Jan 2015
Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe 76133, Germany

by LEA KIEFFER (France)

(A workshop for experienced dancers. Language is English)

Contact Improvisation from a Wild Perspective

Contact Improvisation is a wild land that requires openness and readiness for change at anytime. How do we wake up and make these resources available? Where do we dance from to be ready for anything? In every body there is a deep sensation-based knowledge that can be accessed and used ,a body intuition, a sharp sensibility. How do we nourish a solo in a shared dance and still have the communication in the Center of the dance? We will connect movement to touch from the start and bring it into manipulation. Using bodywork and manipulation we will train intention, separate it from ambition and support clear communication. This will also allow us to dance with abandon and trust the possibilities of the body. In this way we can safely stretch the boundaries of what we think possible. We will learn to embrace the complexity and the uniqueness of every moment and find tools to navigate through them. we will investigate a wide range of speeds, of body tones and layers of touch.We will challenge ourselves by working with those principles even while being observed bridging towards performance. We will deal with obsessions and commit to scores and also let the horse run free.

Lea Kieffer is a performer/ dance-maker whose work focuses on improvisation, the practice of wildness and contact improvisation. She has developed performances using contact in both set or improvised score. And combines a deep interest in physical challenges and somatic practices. She’s a nomad artist performing and teaching in Europe and overseas.

100 €

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