2 FEB 2019
2 Sep 2019
Zagora , Morocco

Dancing Souls: an invitation to live and dance on the pulse of the desert, to meet it in its vastness.
Yoga and guided meditations will bring us into a state of deeper presence, awakening the body and bringing the mind into the moment and in harmony with the silence of the surroundings.

We will engage ourselves in a sensory and playful approach toward our environment. Well rooted in the ground and in the sensitive qualities of our dances, alone or in dialogue with partners, we will go on an inward journey through our internal impulses, sometimes subtle, sometimes wild, to explore the resonance of our body landscapes in tune with the natural surroundings.

Contact Improvisation is based on a natural exchange of weight, a fluid and organic common movement and a listening, subtle touch.

Manuela Blanchard (Switzerland) is a dancer and WATSU®, WaterDance® & Esalen Massage® practicioner. She teaches improvised dance: New Dance and Contact improvisation, in water and in nature. Her listening and subtle presence invites you to a full and confident immersion in the mouvement. More here.

Cornelia Held (Switzerland) is a YS Yoga teacher, Breath- & Movement therapist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She dances since more than 20 years Contactimprovisation, since many years Butoh and she has a yearslong experience in meditation (Vipassana). She’s leading groups in the maroccan desert since 5 years. More here.

Place: Desert in Marocco / in the sand dunes in the entrance of Sahara. One day (bus and then 1h30 hike with camels) from Marrakech. Camp in the middle of the sand dunes sleeping on matresses in tents, dry closets, very simple showers, outdoor dances in silence.


Price: 470€ with your registration until end of December 2018 / 520€ beyond. Reduced fee for people with small income, please contact us.

Not included (please contact us for details and support for all arrangements): flight to Marrakech (about 140-350€, the earliest the cheapest), to book by yourself, minibus to M’Hamid 70€, 2 nights in a hotel in Marrakech at your arrival and departure (about 10€ x2 nights), full pension in the heart of the desert – 6 nights + 1 one the way in a Riad – alltogether 260€.

CONTACT: Manuela Blanchard, +41(0)79 641’91’19, , http://www.earthandwaterdance.com/desert-eng.html
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