27 DEC 2015
30 Dec 2015
Prisma Zentrum, Klösterlistutz 18, Bern, Bern 3013, Switzerland

Fluid Bodies in Motion structure – unity – flow
“Fluid Bodies in Motion” is a delightfully flowing movement quality with clarity and depth in touch as well as a light, playful weight exchange. This is where we will immerse in the subtleties of Contact Improvisation and in addition to exploring amazing phenomena, we will also spend a lot of time dancing.
Nowadays, the fact that the human body consists mainly of water is well known. Nevertheless only taking this image to describe flowing movement qualities is not enough. In fact it’s the unbelievably smart organization and structuring of all our body liquids and their various textures that is needed to create (or: that makes) the miracle of the human body. They enable us to dance smoothly through different levels, to take weight with hardly any effort and finding ourselves having encounters with others that move us not only on a physical level. Fascia with its liquid property plays a major role in the interplay of the different body systems, both for perception and movement coordination.
Experiencing fluid structures and profiting from the knowledge transmitted during the workshop will increase our capacity to perceive our body in motion tremendously and therefore will lead us towards an intense and devoted way of communication with our partners. Its base is deep listening, autonomy and the freedom to influence the dance actively. Permeability on the levels of body, mind and soul will become perceptible and together we will create a joyful, safe and nourishing space for movement and encounter that offers both relaxation and liveliness.
Open to participants with experience in CI.

CHF 400.- / CHF 360.- with early registration

CONTACT: Adrian Russi, +41796008780, , http://www.adrianrussi.com
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