4 FEB 2015
8 Feb 2015
Buffalo, NY USA

Mission Improvable: Presence in Motion
Melt, flow, explore, suspend…
Join guest artist Neige Christenson and the Buffalo Contact Improv Community from Thursday, February 5th through Sunday, February 8th for a contact improvisation intensive at Wasteland Studios. From a solid grounding in CI fundamentals, through practicing authentic movement and experiencing the thrill of a good trio, these days will hold rich and delicious opportunities for all who come to explore! The workshop includes all meals, and several options for performance.

Out-of-town dancers can be hosted by in-town dancers. Attending one or two days of the workshop is an option. Work-study and scholarship options are also available.

Bonus jam! All workshop participants are welcome to an opening jam on Wednesday February 4th from 6-9.

Vivek Patel will be teaching on Friday morning!

cost for full jam is $300 which includes meals
$100 a day

We do have scholarship and work-study options.

CONTACT: Nancy Hughes, 716-517-0644, , http://buffaloci.weebly.com/mission-improvable-now-practices.html
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