3 APR 2015
6 Apr 2015
18 Huia Road, Titirangi, Auckland, 0604, New Zealand

2 days of dance jams, classes, performances and workshops in contact Improvisation, chi kung and body therapies – yeehaa!!!!

Family friendly in a beautiful spot by the lake with delicious vegetarian fare and views a plenty.

Contact Improvisation: Through the immediacy of sensation, touch, and the subjective experience of gravity, Contact Improvisation engages with the physicality of listening, to oneself and other, using weight, momentum and flow. Physical communication, deep listening, and a process of ‘letting go’ takes us into ‘the unknown’ of what emerges in the dance in the present moment. We negotiate relationship with ourselves and each other building a sense of tuning in to space and group presence.

From $390 – $599 camping to single chalet – you choose your styles

CONTACT: Wilhimeena Monroe, 09 817 3051, , http://www.soulcentre.co.nz
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