14 MAY 2015
17 May 2015
Gymhall Weissenheim, Bern 3013, Switzerland

In this workshop Contact Improvisation will help us to learn how to take care of ourselves, to experience and clarify boundaries and to find freedom and competence to shape our dance according to our wishes – in order to commit deeply to the common flow and to profit fully from meeting the different dance partners.
While dancing we are constantly looking for the sensation of coherence in order to “feel good” in the common movement. But what does this mean for all of us individually and in every single moment? We have to find out! E.g. do I get enough weight or rather too little? Do I have the space that I need to feel safe or is there not enough proximity to feel nourished? What about the quality of touch and the movement dynamic? Is it worth to stay with the dance, is it interesting enough?
To take care of yourself means immediately to meet boundaries, limits and limitations – your own and your partner’s. It’s about going for the interplay between release and challenge as well as the need to deal constantly with your boundaries and your movement impulses, to communicate all this physically and to engage fully into the dance, the space and towards your partners – sometimes in an even daring way. All dancers doing this will help to clarify immediately what is okay for everybody and the freedom to move and skills for communication will increase tremendously.
Beside Contact Improvisation elements of New Dance will help us to change constellations smoothly and in a natural way (solo, duet, trio, group), to maintain creativity and the pleasure to move also without having physical contact and to enlarge the field of communication. Improvisation will go beyond the duet form and the dancers experience more overall connections and can play with them. Letting go of unnecessary reserve and the respect for boundaries, limits and limitations will enable us to dive deep into a universe of movement and encounter full of power, subtlety and pleasure and to experience new dimensions in our dance.
Open for participants with experience in CI or another improvisation form. The workshop will take place in a wonderful location with the option to move according to the weather some classes to the outside and to explore the theme in a natural surrounding (for those who like – there will be indoor classes at the same time).

€ 295.- / €265.- with early registration

CONTACT: Adrian Russi, +41796008780, http://www.adrianrussi.com
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