23 OCT 2013
27 Oct 2013
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Dear friends ! 23-27 October 2013 in St. Petersburg again , we open the doors of the festival meetings and experiments
- Welcome to the DanceConnect 2013 !

Once again, we invite you to search for points of contact between two directions in the dance : Contact Improvisation and Contemporary Dance (Contemporary).

At the very beginning of our journey , a few years ago we had the idea to make the St. Petersburg Contact Improvisation Festival , attracting and supporting Russian teachers Contact. In this vein, we have made two good and filled with live festival.

Then, this idea has become wider. In conjunction with the art space BYE BYE BALLET we decided to combine contact improvisation and contemporary dance (Contemporary dance), making the festival meeting point of two interconnected modern dance forms and practices. This format allowed us a great enrich each other’s experiences and broaden their vision and understanding of the dance. We realized that in this area there will be more numerous questions and discoveries , so we take the next step and invite you to the next festival of Contact Improvisation and Contemporary Dance DANCE CONNECT!

We invite you to space issues , interests, ideas and meetings.

We offer you the FESTIVAL of the study can be at different angles to consider two such similar and dissimilar at the same time dance trends as contact improvisation and contemporary dance, as well as search for them crossing each other and benefit one another .

Our faculty is intense:

Albert Albert Alexander + Konnikova, "Po.VSTanze┬╗ (Contemporary)
Maria Grudskaya (Contact Improvisation)

Alexander Konnikova + Albert Albert, “Po.VSTanze”

Berezkina-Marina Orlova
Dolgov Julia
Belenkova Xenia

The cost of the main program of the festival (October 24 evening. – Oct 27.)
5500 rubles by making the registration fee before October 1,
6200 rubles. when making the registration fee after October 1,

The cost of the festival with the design part

(day-23okt. 27okt.)
6800 rubles by making the registration fee before October 1,
7300 rubles. when making the registration fee after October 1,

Prepayment is 2000 rubles., In the case of non-participation is not refundable.

CONTACT: +7-921-572-0375, , http://www.dance-connect.ru/
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