23 JUN 2011
26 Jun 2011
Intensive contact improvisation workshop with Ilona Keňová
Łódź, Poland

Workshop will take place 23-26 of June (Thursday-Sunday) in the building of primary school nr 61 in Łódź (central Poland). The school is situated very close to Łagiewnicki Forest, the biggest forest within the city area.


In this workshop I would like to share what I am fascinated, interested and focused for many years in dancing – how to move easy in natural way. We are looking how to find strength by softening our bodies.
By relaxing the muscles system of body we open, awake space in joint and bones which provide sensitive and flexible connection to all body. Body is getting sensitive and is tuned into listening and responding to the present movement situation.
Soft body without unnecessary tensed muscles feels skeleton, which is alert and strong for supporting own and partner’s body. We are working with simplicity and clarity. This will bring more awareness and articulation to dance. The way of moving will offer soft, light, fluid and continues quality giving the appearance of effortlessness. Relaxing and finding skeletal support will make possible to move with greater flexibility, range and strength. Soft and strong body is having the freedom to dance.

Ilona Keňová is Czech dancer and dance teacher living in Finland. She graduated as Master of Dance Art from Music Academy of Performing Arts Prague. She is teaching and performing contemporary dance and contact improvisation. In here work she is searching for relaxation in movement, use of physical forces and effortlessness. She is part of organizer team Finish CI festival Skiing on skin.

The workshop will be non-profit and collectively organised, hence we would like all the participants to take some responsibility for it. We will probably cook dinners in teams, share cleaning and shopping duties. Together it won’t be much work :)

LEVEL OF WORKSHOP: Workshop is for people with some previous experience in contact improvisation. Ilona will obviously go through CI fundamentals, but it won’t be the main focus.


The price is 250 PLN (approximately – 65 Euros). Foreign participants are kindly asked to send an e-mail to klaudiusz.i.meskalina@gmail.com or bajkinatalki@gmail.com, so that we can arrange how to make the payment.

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