18 JUN 2011
2 Jul 2011

To move within physics is to realize your body. To dance with chemistry is to accept your soul. Combining both could be the most exhilarating thing you have ever done. Touch&Play (2010)

To all you Contacters, Touchers and Players out there,

In this second edition of the T&P Festival and first edition of the T&P experiment we hope to take you on a journey exploring the (al)chemical edges of Contact Improvisation. We ask ourselves what happens when we stop ‘dancing’ contact and just start doing it. Can we look beyond the weight sharing, lifts and spirals and find the essence of what it means to be in Contact with someone?

The Touch&Play Festival takes place from 23-27 June in Cardona, a picturesque little village an hour from Barcelona, in a large 14th century aristocratic home converted into an arts centre. Intensive teachers include Felix Ruckert (Germany), Jess Curtis (USA), Karl Frost (USA), Astiko (Germany/Spain), Jessica Walker (Chile/Spain) & Benno Voorham (Netherlands/Sweden). Workshops, labs and more will also be provided by the T&P researchers from the Touch&Play Experiment (18-22 June)

This is the current research line-up:
Robert Anderson (Playful Physics)
Koen van Bisbrouck (Pyschology)
Jocasta Crofts (CI & Tantra)
Rachel Dean (consensus / Safer Spaces)
Xavier Ferreres (Movements of the Soul)
Daniel Hayes (Seduction)
Ralf Jaroshinski (The Soft Man)
Marina Kronkvist (Appetite)
Guto Macedo (Authentic Contact)
Daniel Mang (Post-romantic Dance)
Saskia Mieszkalski (The Bonobo Garden)
Adriana Pegorer (Contango)
Linda Priha (Surrender)
Dieter Rehberg (Idiolect)
Dana Salisbury (Dark Dining)
Sabine Sonnenschein (Tantra & CI)
Joe Stoller (Mutual Bodywork)
Paulina Swiecanska (Jealousy)
Marina Tsartsara (Framing the Senses)
Ulli Witteman (Strong/Bad Contact)
Jamus Wood & Lee Bolton (Undercurrents)

More researchers will be chosen in April. To apply www.2011.touchandplay.org/what/experiment/

After the Festival, Karl Frost will be running a 4-day Intensive called “The Poetics of Touch” from 29th June to 2nd July (www.2011.touchandplay.org/post-festival-intensive-by-karl-frost)

Festival registration opens 12 midnight GMT on Sunday 20 March
Due to the size of the venue there are fewer places available than last year, so we expect them to sell out quickly!

Check out our new website www.2011.touchandplay.org
Sign up to our FB group for updates: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=251629184517

Touching & Playfully yours,
Daniel Hayes and Jenny Moy


CONTACT: http://www.2011.touchandplay.org
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