23 JUN 2011
27 Jun 2011
Palau Guals i Torres, Cardona, Barcelona, Catalunya , Spain

To move within physics is to realize your body. To dance with chemistry is to accept your soul. Combining both could be the most exhilarating thing you’ve ever done.
Touch&Play (2010)

In this second edition of the T&P Festival we will take you on a journey exploring the (al)chemical edges of Contact.
We ask ourselves what happens when we stop ‘dancing’ contact and just start doing it?
Can we look beyond the weight sharing, lifts and spirals and find the essence of what it means to be in Contact with someone?

With: Jess Curtis, Felix Ruckert, Jessica Walker, Astiko, Maggie Tapert and many many more…

participation in the 5-day T&P Festival costs €250,-

This Includes:
- Entry to over 30 workshops
- Participations in labs, discussions and experiments
- Nightly T&P jam sessions
- Full room and board
- Three local and organic meals per day

For more information check out our new site

CONTACT: Daniel J. Hayes, +34-622685686, , http://www.2011.touchandplay.org
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