7 JUN 2010
11 Jun 2010
JOÃO FIADEIRO: Workshop on creativity, improvisation and composition in processes of choice, decision and collaboration, June 7-12, 2010, Schwelle 7, Berlin/Germany
O D Y / A workshop on creativity, improvisation and composition in processes of choice, decision and collaboration

5 day intensive workshop with João Fiadeiro

Monday-Friday, June 7-11th, 2010
Workshop daily from12 am – 6 pm
Participants Performance: Saturday, June 12th, 8:30 pm

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WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany

[k]NOB O D Y / A workshop on creativity, improvisation and composition in processes of choice, decision and collaboration

According to Giorgio Agamben the “I would prefer not to…” from Bartleby keeps “possibility suspended between occurrence and non-occurrence, between the capacity to be and the capacity not to be.”[« Bartleby, or On Contingency » in Potentialities: collected essays in philosophy, by Giorgio Agamben, Daniel Heller-Roazen] This in-betweenness is the “play-ground” of the Real Time Composition method. Only from “here” I can recognize and “capture” that little fragment of reality which will unfold, simultaneously, into the future and into the past. And in it I can find the “remains” of something that was left behind, that which was forgotten (for there is no perfect crime). This “fragment” is what lies between the body and “the presence of the other in the body”, a permanent escape towards things that are not yet, towards things that might be(come). The main goal of the “Real Time Composition” method is to put the practician in the position of “mediator” and “facilitator” of the events, blocking his temptation to impose himself by means of the will or the ability to manipulate them. His only “creative act”, should there be any, amounts to the mastery with which he handles the tension, the balance and potential of the material he is dealing with and letting things happen “by themselves” (…they always do).

Workshop frame and participants
The field and context in which this method was design is art and contemporary dance. But this work is extremely influenced by areas of research like the cognitive sciences, neurosciences, complex systems sciences, design thinking, diverge thinking and so on… Also, this work makes no distinction between practice and theory, acting and observing, thinking and saying… every action is “doing” (even when one decides not to). Anyone interested in this cross-boundary approach and is working within areas of research dealing with tags like “decision-making”, “self-organization”, “creativity”, “embodiment”, “community”, “composition”, “improvisation” or “representation” is welcome to participate in this introduction to the Real Time Composition method.

João Fiadeiro (1965) belongs to the generation of choreographers that emerged towards the end of the 1980s and who gave rise, in the sequence of the American post-modern movement as well as the movements of the French and Belgian Nouvelle Danse, to the Nova Dança Portuguesa [New Portuguese Dance]. A large part of his formation was carried out between Lisbon, New York and Berlin, after which he joined the Dance Company of Lisbon (86-88) and the Gulbenkian Ballet (89-90). In 1990 he founded RE.AL, a centre for research and artistic residencies, which not only constitutes the basis for the creation and diffusion of his work but also hosts transdisciplinary events and supports emergent artists by organizing laboratories and artistic residencies. He regularly teaches and present is works across Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and South America. In his research he argues for a practice of awareness in an extremely reflexive manner, focusing on decision making in performance. He is also interested to contaminate other areas of research with his thoughts and know-how in order to contribute to a broaden discussion between art, science and society.

MORE: http://www.re-al.org/

FEE: 150 Euro
REGISTER: per email to xs4jan@gmx.de

We can host up workshop participants basic opportunities to stay overnight. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person. More options: http://www.schwelle7.de/GAESTE.html

Schwelle 7
Uferstraße 6, backyard, 2. floor
13357 Berlin – Wedding / Germany

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