29 APR 2010
2 May 2010
Schwelle7, Uferstr 6 Wedding, Berlin, 13357, Germany

A 3-day exploration of the human chemistry in Contact Improvisation

If you're dancing physics, you're dancing contact. If you're dancing chemistry, you're doing something else.
Steve Paxton (1987)

To move within physics is to realize your body. To dance with chemistry is to accept your soul. Combining both could be the most exhilarating thing you have ever done
Touch & Play (2010)

Our web will be up next week with all the details and background information.

Prices for the Touch & Play Festival are as follows:
Early registration (until March 1st): 145,- (129,- low income)
Normal registration (until April 29th): 165,- (149,-)
At the door: 185,- (169,-)
Touch&Play Party: 20,- (15,-)
Open Jam: 5,- (3,-)

CONTACT: Daniel J. Hayes, +34-622685686, , http://www.touchandplay.org
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