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1 JUN 2019
2 Jun 2019
64-84 Chisenhale Road, London, London E3 5QZ, United Kingdom

2-day dance workshop in London with renowned choreographer Scott Wells

1-2 June 2019, Sat 11-6pm; Sun 10-4pm

During these two days, we will start with contact and body awareness. Then learn some techniques and traject towards a space that supports freedom of flight and expression.

We’ll be doing Scott’s favourite contact exercises and current curiosities created or learned over the decades of investigation and indulgence.

We will practice flying, catching, landing, fluid acrobatics, deft manoeuvres. For the acrobatics everyone will work at their own level and will learn best by building group safety and trust: everyone will do something new.

We will practice taking the aerial work into improv: come, lose your head and fly!

Video link to From Zero to Flying workshop in Athens

For some examples of Scott’s works:


Call of the wild


In 1981 Scott discovered the pleasure of contact improvisation shortly after becoming obsessed with the struggles of modern dance. He stuck with both and currently directs a company in San Francisco and tours annually to Europe. Wells has created works for skateboarders, boxers and recently choreographed West Side Story.

He teaches dance technique and is recognized worldwide as a leading teacher of Contact Improvisation. He has recently taught and performed in Ankara, Turkey, Halifax, Canada, at Impultanz in Vienna, and in Budapest, Berlin, Graz, Munich and Rome.

Scott Wells is a two time winner of the Isadora Duncan Award for Outstanding Choreography.

My choreographic approach centers on physical interaction. I am fascinated with people as social creatures – how they play, fight, love and struggle in intimate pairings and in larger groups.

I view content as moment that spice the form and flow of a work. I am concerned with the larger picture – the arc, pace and overall structure. Even the humor in dances has an effect on the flow of the work’ ~ Scott Wells

Scott Wells and Dancers website

full information can be found_ here

Early Birds £110 -£140 after the 2nd of April 2019

CONTACT: Bea Perini, , https://www.linkedin.com/in/beatriceperini
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12 JUN 2019
19 Jun 2019
Arlequi - Mas Llapart, Barri Sant Maurici, Camos, Girona, Banyoles E17840, Spain

A workshop for experienced contact improvisers that engages the full spectrum of dance improvisation work that Nancy and Mike are currently exploring using Contact Improvisation (CI) as a base. This includes CI technique and practice, improvisation scores (including the Underscore), compositional awareness (including Mike’s 86 Aspects of Composition), contemplation, discussion, jamming, and detailed listening practice.

Through our moving and observing, we will study physical and energetic changes in state, accidental (and deliberate) composition, presence, and relationship—in groups, solo, in and out of contact, with and without live music.

We’ll experiment with ways to tune our dancing and awareness so we can improvise more consistently with ease and clarity—embodied, articulate, generous, ready for CI and solo and group relationships, artful, and human. In the workshop we will also develop our listening, aiming to find varied relationships between what we hear and how we move.

Nancy’s longtime collaborator musician/composer/improviser Mike Vargas will contribute his music and his current research.

Please come preparedorgad.html for intensive practice (6 hours daily) and a little bit of fun!

The course is designed for people with intermediate/advanced level experience in contact improvisation. Please send a brief description of your background with CI and improvisation and your specific interest in this course. Please send directly to Nancy at contactq@aol.com, or fax # 001-413-586-9055.

The workshop will be taught in English. Some fluency (understanding and speaking) in English required.

Course Fee: 535.– Euros
includes accommodation on the hayloft
For food please calculate approx. 17.-€ per day

CONTACT: Anna Borredà, +49 721 3528910, , http://www.arlequi.de/index.html
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13 JUN 2019
26 Jun 2019
171 Hillcrest Dr., Salt Spring Island, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia v8k1y4, Canada

The Salt Spring Summer Plunge is a 2 week long dive into Contact Improvisation. An Intensive with Martin Keogh followed by a 5 day festival.

Web: https://www.contactimprovisationsaltspring.com/

Intensive: https://www.facebook.com/events/309334893035722/
Festival: https://www.facebook.com/events/321745031779582/

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ALL INFO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Within the frame of Salt Spring Contact Improvisation Summer Plunge,
we are excited to present a weeklong Intensive Training
with Martin Keogh and guest teacher.
From June 13th to June 19th 2019

Register here:

This event is for dancers with a solid grasp in the form of contact improvisation. Please message us if you have doubt.

The format:
• Three days of investigation and dancing from 10am- 4:30pm
• One day for rest for integration and laundry
• Three more days to deepen the material

We will work together five to six hours a day. Other activities will include jams, potlucks, and spontaneous surprises. We want to get to know you—your treasures, your idiosyncrasies, your distinctive pathways into contact improvisation.
Attending a weeklong training allows the group to establish working relationships, and provides the opportunity for everyone to receive feedback and create significant changes in their dancing
Because of the advanced nature of this workshop, this intensive is for those with a solid grasp of Contact fundamentals.

Martin’s teaching history and website is here: http://martinkeogh.com/my-story/

Cost for the Intensive (June 13th – 19th 2019 )
$420 – Economically deprived, students and underemployed.
$455 – Economically challenged: artists, farmers etc..
$495 – Professional rate: Happily sustained, supports the art.

Please note that food is NOT included in the Intensive.
You can sign up for a meal plan for 165$ for a total of 12 meals. 5 breakfast, 5 lunches and 2 dinners.

*Discount if you take part in the whole Plunge (June 13th – 26th)

*Please note that we are not taking part-timers in the intensive or the festival.

Link to festival event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/309334893035722/
Registrations and Questions: ssicontactfestival@gmail.com

(P.S. It is rumoured there is 1% less gravity on SSI…)


Within the frame of Salt Spring Contact Improvisation Summer Plunge,
we are excited to present the 4th annual Salt Spring Island Contact Improvisation Festival, from June 22th to June 26th 2019.

We will be coming together for a medley of Classes, Jams, Focused Jams, Group games, Scores, Indoor Dance, Outdoor exploration, Group Meals and Music. Join us for a 5 day immersive gathering where dance, community, art, nature and self discovery all meet in a space of investigation, a time of play.

Register here:

Our Facilitators:
TBA very soon

Matsya; Live dj set of ecletic electronic musics.

Cost for the Festival (June 26th – June 30th)
$420 – Economically deprived, students and underemployed.
$455 – Economically challenged: artists, farmers etc..
$495 – Professional rate: Happily sustained, supports the art.
Includes 9 meals total

*Discount If you take part in the whole Plunge(Intensive & Festival) (June 13th- June 26th)
Intensive Event Page:

Details and Registration here: https://www.contactimprovisationsaltspring.com/registration/

420-495 per event

CONTACT: Manuel Rochette, 2505387172, , http://171 Hillcrest Dr., Salt Spring Island
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